Fierce Faith Friday: Your heavy load

One of my favorite songs to run to is Long Back Road by Electric Light Orchestra. Here’s the words that hit me every time.

You gotta get up in the morning take your heavy load
And you gotta keep goin’ down the long black road

It reminds me that the way we do life is a choice. That you have to choose, every morning, to take your heavy load and keep going.

This week one verse has kept coming to me. It was in a podcast Monday and in my regular reading today.

Take up your cross daily and follow me. Luke 9:23

That’s the Christian’s perspective on the long black road. Everyday, I wake up and I have a choice to make. A choice for Jesus. For me, my cross involves pouring into my family and having standards of love, grace and excellence for them all day long. That is REALLY hard and I fail daily, often. But I choose to work at it everyday.

My cross shows up in work. I’m called to stand out, to be different. I love that the companies I affiliate myself with also align with this principle of going overboard, of being excellent, of not stopping short. But, you know what? It’s a heavy load. It’s not easy, it takes real effort.

My cross also shows up in my daily travels to the grocery store or in traffic. My choice is to love others. Recently, I’ve been a bit overcome by the idea of seeing others the way Jesus would see them. It really has changed my perspective and attitude in many situations.

How does your cross show up daily? I think when we think about it in terms that it’s a directive and that it’s something we all have to do, it changes our perspective a bit. We’re not just waking up and letting the day get at us. No, we’re waking up ready to take up our cross and do the hard and worthy work.

Happy Friday y’all!

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