Planning Mastermind Coming soon!

Guys!! This is the thing. I’ve FINALLY gotten really good at what I call Mom-Blocking.

I’ve gotten really good at finding time for things that are important including family, work, working out, taking care of the home, actually getting some sleep, resting, marriage meetings and more.

And here’s the deal, planning isn’t something we do to take all the fun away. It’s to provide structure so 1) you actually have fun time and 2) you can be present wherever you are and 3) you can be satisfied that you actually got the things done you wanted to get done. 

Craig Groeschel says his routine and structure is comforting, like guardrails. They keep you on track for what want and keep you away from what you don’t. That’s what we’re after here. Planning, being intentional, so you can have the best version of your life.

I’ve been printing out a page from the planner each morning because I can’t WAIT to use it.

With that in mind, I’m going to run an online planning/productivity 12 week mastermind group from July to September.

10 people. Taking our lives to the next level.


Personally, I have 3 BIG goals I’ll be working toward. I’m going to show you and bring you along that journey so you can see how I do it. But I’m also going to be teaching & coaching implementation of things every successful person needs:

  • Schedule
  • Ideal day
  • Morning routines / evening rituals
  • Weekly planning/reflecting
  • Reverse engineering goals
  • Tasks versus to dos
  • Being present wherever you are

These things apply whether you’re trying to run a home, move, launch or grow a business/career, finish school or lose weight. Or even if you’re just trying to figure out how to scrape the pieces of your life into one bigger & better picture.

There will be more. The structure:

  • We will use Michael Hyatt’s planner. It’s as close to what I would create as possible. Plus he is a super awesome person. ($39 total with my coupon code)
  • We will have a Facebook group AND emails. That way you can be active & plugged in or you can stay COMPLETELY out of Facebook if you want. I get it, both ways. So, I’m providing this both ways.
  • There will be weekly training, live coaching, q&as, practical implementation methods. I’m asking for about 10-20 minutes a day guys. The return on that time investment is invaluable.
  • I’m going to coach YOU 1-1 based on YOUR goals, YOUR hurdles and YOUR needs. Which brings me to my next point.
  • Only 10 in this first quarter. I know how valuable this is going to be if I only allow myself to take on 10 folks. ($10/month for 3 months or $25 up front for all 3 months. This WILL go up the next time, you guys will be my guinea pigs and therefore you get guinea pig prices.)

So how to get started?



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