Checklists & systems

Today at the Y they showed me the checklists for opening and closing at the Y for the possibility it might ever happen. I love checklists y’all.
Checklists are part of systems. Systems are what help you get things accomplished, how you keep things consistent and in alignment with your values and goals.
We all need systems, no matter what you do for a living. Opening and closing checklists are like morning and evening routines/rituals. You need those.
Examples of things that could be in your morning routine:
  • Prayer/meditation
  • Making the bed
  • Getting ready
  • Exercise
  • Food
  • Shower
Making this routine, making it habit is KEY. But it’s also the hardest part.
Examples of things that could be in your workday shutdown routine:
  • Review what you accomplished. (that list would’ve been created in the startup)
  • Create a plan for tomorrow.
  • Ask a few reflective questions.
  • Turn things off. Close things.
  • Straighten your work area for tomorrow. (Moms this might mean the kitchen is done).
  • Say something that reflects the action of being done with work (Done son!, Workday complete) and prepare your mind to transition to what’s next.
In fact, some people spend five minutes in their car shutting down their work brain so they can arrive home ready to be present with their families.
You could also use some workday start up and workday shutdown rituals too. No matter what type of work you do.
These things are what give your brain space and peace. They are what allow you to be present in whatever you’re doing at the moment. They are what allow you to be intentional. They are what safeguard your sanity, your free time, your progress. All the things.
The morning/evening routines and even the workday startup/shutdown are things we’re going to cover in my mastermind group starting in July.
You NEED to be a part of this group. It will help you. No matter what your goals are. No matter what stage of life you’re in.
Sometimes we try and piece things together. The planner we’ll be working through has it ALL TOGETHER IN one. It will help you. It’s only for 90 days, what do you have to lose?

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