Deep thoughts in a Wednesday

This morning I’ve had three very serious conversations. Didn’t plan it, but it happened.

1. Marriage is hard. Seeing things from our husband’s perspective is hard because we’ve been doing us or doing the kids and it’s quite enlightening. Compassion goes a long way. But it stings too. But we still have to push forward. Because everything rises and falls on mom’s leadership. It’s harsh, but it’s the way t is. We either whine about it or we work for it. Fight for our families, fight for a team.

2. Suicide is an epidemic. In large part people have forgotten how to be human, both in terms of relating to each other and in coping. It’s an epidemic and the gap is only widening. Doing something about it seems futile but just do for one what you would do for many. Particularly in the military side of things, we used to have community. We used to have a family away from family. Now, much like the rest of the world, people are too scared, too sad or too distracted to connect in a Real way. And it has an effect. Electronics: tv, phones, video games are based on the tobacco model. They are systematically taking our people down because the proof of their damage isn’t all in the forefront yet. We are a mix of Walle & Idiocracy.

3. We are waking up to the health epidemic as it continues to take people down. People are getting sicker, getting sicker sooner and living at so much less than their full capacity, like a red battery bar. The ignorance of the shake and bake generation is now paying dues. Women struggle with health issues that their doctors have no clue how to help because we are falling apart. People are learning though, that you have to take charge and educate yourself about your own health. You are responsible for it. And if you don’t want your kids to fall to the same fate you’ll take that charge too. Which DOES mean discipline.

Anyway, those are a few quick thoughts. I don’t know how to solve all the world’s problems. The only thing I can do is show up in the world as genuinely as possible, to really see and love on people and teach my kiddos to do the same.

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