Cheap & fast & awesome Father’s Day gift!

Hopefully you’ve already got your Father’s Day gifts together! Whether you do or you don’t, I’ve got one for you.

It’s Cheap. Fast. Awesome.

  • You’ll need letters that spell DAD. They can be homemade or store bought.
  • You will need a frame.
  • You’ll need kids.
  • Have each kid hold a letter and take their photo.
  • Then print the photos out, put them in a frame spelling Dad. This works with whatever number of kiddos you have, I just happen to have 3. 😉
  • The first year you give him the frame. Next year you give him photos to put in the frame.
  • Eventually DAD will have years of photos to look at. To see how his precious babies have grown over the years. It’s like a yearbook for your kiddos, but it’s just for Dad.

See the video here.

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