Outsmart yourself @ breakfast

You’re not doing yourself any favors by skipping breakfast. It’s not helping. In fact, it’s hurting. A lot.


It’s slowing your metabolism down.


It’s making you make bad choices at the end of the day.


It’s not fueling your body the way it was designed to be fueled.


Researchers at the Imperial College London presented high calorie food images around lunch time to folks and scanned their brains. When they had eaten breakfast, the images were meh compared to the images of low calorie foods. When they hadn’t eaten breakfast, their brains went a little haywire when they saw the high calorie foods.


The results are common sense but people don’t use it commonly. Your brain is in charge of keeping you alive. So it’s going to be like——yaaas! We’re hungry, go with the mega calorie choice! (That’s called being hangry)


But you can outsmart that prefrontal cortex by eating breakfast. How easy!


*If you’d like to join my online health & fitness group, just let me know!

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