“Low carb” isn’t the real answer

I’m not really a fan of oatmeal. But when I do eat it, I add pumpkin pie or apple pie spice and a tsp of raw honey.


I eat a “low carb” diet but only by accident. Rather, I fuel my body with what it needs and it just only needs a small amount of carbs like these.


I do eat a lot of veggies though. Also carbs.


The solution isn’t eliminating them all together because the problem isn’t the carbs. It’s the AMOUNT. Carbs provide a LOT of energy. But we are not USING that much energy in a typical day. It’s a simple math equation.


A friend of mine told me about her food one day through. Cereal in the morning, sandwich for lunch and corn on the cob with dinner. Among other choices.


When I first started put, I realized this is what I was doing too. (Crappy) Carbs with every meal because they were fast, easy, people didn’t complain about hem and it just seemed normal.


Now I know. A little with breakfast, a little with lunch and that’s how much I need to build a body I’m proud of. And I do mean a little.


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