We’re on each other’s team

I don’t iron y’all.

My best effort is trying to remove things promptly from the dryer.

Chris was planning to do this when he gets home.

But tomorrow is a big day for him work-wise. And he’ll be gone 5-9 at least. He probably won’t sleep tonight.

So, I thought, self, how could you help him out?

In the past it wouldn’t probably have occurred to me to come at it from that angle. I probably would’ve thought more about how busy I am. How his extra business has made me also extra busy.

But I’m thankful that I’m now of the team frame of mind. As Lorde says,

“We’re on each other’s team.”

Last year when I did my first 90 day goal focus improving my marriage was one of those goals.

One thing a day for Chris was on the list. These days I don’t always do it, but I think about it most days. 😂

But I want the whole fairy tale, not just the beginning of Cinderella.

I’m SO excited that a few ladies in my planning/goal group are setting marriage as one of their goals. That makes me happppy! A good marriage takes work, intention and perspective! It’s one of the MOST important relationships we have yet it often gets put on the back burner.

But what if we were a team?! Working toward a preferred future?! Like, wo.

Others ladies have business, faith, fitness, family, nutrition and other goals for the next 90 days.

It’s going to be awesome. So much awesome.

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