Back up plan

Life happens, am I right? Sometimes your best intentions and even your best plans may NOT happen. That’s where a back up plan comes in. A back up plan helps us when things get crazy.

You see, often when things get crazy, our health and fitness goes to the bottom of the list. We have to break that cycle. Do you know why? Because you’re very important. You’re very important to people in your life. If you don’t find a way to make it work, you’re not going to be able to fulfill the roles that are making you “too busy” to be healthy.


You’ll be worse at work, worse as a parent, worse as a spouse if your health isn’t taken care of.

You’re also setting a terrible example to anyone watching by putting yourself and your health at the bottom of the list. Do you want that for the people you love? Is that what you want to teach them? I know it’s not.

So, one method to deal with the craziness is to have a back up plan for your nutrition.

Step 1 is to always have a plan. If you don’t have a plan, you’re just planning to fail. Unless you’re already super mindful about your food, you WILL NOT navigate toward really great choices as easily as you will with a full plan. (I offer new plans EACH week with shopping lists and recipes in my group!)

So, if for some reason Step 1 gets lost on us, let’s move on with grace. Let’s say it somehow came to be 4:30 and you have to leave for gymnastics and have zero plans for dinner. (No worries, that’s never happened to me.)

You need to have a back up plan! I live my life according to lessons learned on Friends. In Friends, Phoebe suggests to Rachel she should get a back up in case she isn’t married by 40. So, naturally Rachel tried to ask her friends Ross and Joey to be her back up. She realizes then that Phoebe has cunningly committed BOTH men as a back up to the back up.

And so it shall be for us.

Here are 4 back up plans in case dinner just escaped you:

  1. No cook salad. Yes, it’s boring, but it’s doable! Part of your monthly shopping should ALWAYS include things like EVOO, dijon honey, olives, avocado/cheese, the best deli meat you can afford and fresh veggies like lettuce and tomatoes. So fast! (Here’s a from scratch salad dressing recipe) You can put it in a wrap to make it different. And, if you have some turkey bacon on hand, swap a slice or two of deli meat for it!
  2. Breakfast for dinner. Again, you’ll have these ingredients on hand because you make it a priority to get ingredients for breakfast on your monthly shopping trip. And breakfast is usually pretty healthy. For example, if I’m really in a dinner bind, I throw a few eggs, spinach and tomatoes in the skillet. Tada! The kids might get the same with some pancakes added in!
  3. Shake for dinner. I don’t advise doubling up shakes everyday but in a pinch, go for what we call two-a-days: a second shake. Add in banana, peanut butter and greens to make it more filling. This is way better than other choices you’ll make!
  4. Something healthy at the grocery store. Aldis, Walmart, Trader Joes and Target ALL have some healthy to go items that are better than other choices you’ll have.

You might have ones of your own that would work really well. What are they? Commit a few moments to thinking about them now so when crunch time comes you’re ready.

*This is the kind of stuff I post daily in my health and fitness group. If you’d like to join my online health & fitness group, just let me know below.

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