Eating right when traveling

  1. When you’re traveling or on the go, here are some strategies:
  2. Take your shake. That’s at least one meal you can control.
  3. Meal prep and bring it along in a cooler. Personally, I make that creamy chicken salad and throw it in bags! Hey, salad in a bag. But it’s great because it covers SO MANY of the containers in one meal. You can also meal prep/pack snacks: Crackers & hummus, celery & peanut butter, etc
  4. Use the non-cook options on your lists.
    • Green: Carrots, Celery, grape tomatoes
    • Purple: Almost any type ever of fruit.
    • Red: Hardboiled eggs (those are in gas stations these days), tuna packets, yogurt
    • Yellow: Crackers, Cereal
    • Blue: Almonds, Pistachios, String cheese
    • Orange: Seeds or Peanuts
  5. Choose wisely at restaurants. Read below but if you MUST eat out, go with lean meats and steamed veggies…avoid fried, battered, drenched in butter…blah blah blah. Most places you can get a steak and veggies or chicken and veggies.My recommendation to you for this challenge is to avoid eating out all together. BUT when you’re traveling that’s not very feasible. The problem is food at restaurants come loaded with sodium and preservatives. All restaurants, with almost NO exceptions, fit this bill. Sure some try harder than others, but it doesn’t negate the fact that restaurant food will leave you bloated and way over portioned. All the preservatives they use to keep their food-like-products edible will preserve not awesome stuff in your body too. 😫
  6. If you have a cheat meal, just freaking do it and stop stressing over it! Chug lots of water so your body can flush out the bloat, maybe add in an extra workout and eat super clean the rest of the day/next day.

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