Wake up, wake up it’s the first of the month…

Well, it’s the 2nd actually. And I don’t listen to Bone Thugs & Harmony much these days. But many people are paying bills today which prompted me to share this part of my book:

Joint bills account.

Early in our marriage we came up with the idea for Joint Bill Pay. When we got married, we both worked full time, had our own income, bills and debt. Combining all of that and regular newlywed issues took a hot minute.

Eventually, once we came up with our combined budget, we set up an allotment (or automatic transfer) to go to a separate bills-only checking account. The amount of that allotment was equal to the total bills amount with a little buffer. Then, we set up automatic bill pay for each bill that would allow it (you can actually get discounts sometimes for doing it that way). Then, we just reviewed it each month to make sure everything came out, no weird charges were made and we weren’t underfunded.

This saved us from having to waste time each month remembering passwords (the worst) and paying bills manually. It also saved both of us from worrying if we had enough money in our accounts because we forgot a bill. And, hello, it made sure all the bills got paid.

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