Fierce Faith Friday: My Bible

I’ve been asked a few times about the Bible I’m using, so at the risk of telling you something you already know, here goes!


I got a new Bible right out of high school when I started going to church pretty heavily and felt my connection and understanding of God being to grow. I was SO excited to get a new Bible at the time that had two versions (King James & Amplified) side by side. As a non-scholar attempting to make sense out of everything being thrown my way, I really felt like this was the way to go.

That Bible served me well for a time. It was a short time. One followed by a lot of pain, ickyness and a large disconnect from God.

When we started going back to church and getting really involved, I never took my Bible. Hello, they put the words up there on the screen! And it’s too dark to read a Bible anyway. Plus, hello, YouVersion App!

In the midst of all that, I don’t think I connected my unwillingness to use my own Bible with the feelings that were stored up it in due to that painful period in my life.

One day I was volunteering at church and my friend walked by with this beautiful Bible. It was my color! It brought me so much joy!

In fact, I’d been seeing these beautiful Bible pages on Pinterest recently. Once I saw her Bible, I knew I’d be hooked.


It was a fresh start. So many times that’s hard to do. And, if you’re like me, you might have some pride lined up with your highlights and notes in an old Bible.


However, getting this new Bible gave me so much motivation to dive in. To study the Bible. To color the pretty little images and meditate on the phrases instead of reading so fast it’s hard for things to sink in!

The Inspire Bible uses the NLT translation which is my most often used translation, so that works.

It has a soft outer touch, a ribbon to keep it all together. Inside, there are many beautiful coloring pages to fill in on some of the most notable scriptures from the Bible. I also use color pencils to draw my own as well.

I also use those pencils each morning to highlight verses I read that really stick out to me. I have somewhat of a color code, though I don’t always use it. I knew if I was too perfectionist about that, I’d keep myself from really using and studying the Bible.


Because of that mentality, I’ve made it all year reading and journaling, about 90% of mornings. I typically try to read just a chapter a day. Simple, small, doable. I try to find one verse that really speaks to me and break it down with SOAP notes.


img_3275And voila! Just like that, I’m renewed. My Bible knowledge is growing. My days have a purposeful, soul-filling beginining!

What bible do you use? Have you considered one like this?

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