Keep it simple stupid.
Honestly, it’s not my favorite phrase. I mean, first of all I’ve heard it too many times. Second of all, I don’t call myself stupid.
KISS does have a certain ring to it though. So, maybe keep it simple sexy? Keep it simple silly? Keep it simple Shana? I don’t know, do you have anything better? Which do you prefer?
Either way, I believe simplicity is ALWAYS better. In all the things. Food, workouts, routine, fashion, home decor. All of it.
An important thing I learned on my own fitness journey is that fitness and health are not as complicated as everyone wants to make it out to be. It’s simply a matter of moving your body and eating food that fuels your body. The more we overcomplicate it, the more people run away screaming.
My personal mission in life as a trainer is to get that message out. To show people it’s not as hard or as complicated as you might think. You CAN do this.
Next week my girls and I are starting a new program that MODELS this idea 100%.
  • 8 weeks.
    30 minutes a day.
  • 4 days a week.
    A relaxed nutrition plan.

Health & fitness isn’t that complicated You don’t have to put in HOURS AND HOURS.

Really, your workouts should enhance your life not keep you from it. Your workouts should help you have a body that can enjoy life.

Your nutrition should be the same. Most of the time we eat for fuel, sometimes we eat for joy. That simple.

Having a no-brainer program that is doable for any schedule? ✔️

Having a group of like-minded folks walking through it with you, supporting you and holding you accountable? ✔️

Why not you? Why not now? The best version of you can better serve and love those you love and the goals you seek.

If you want to join me, fill out the form below and check out this link too! We start Monday. You CAN do this.


You don’t have to be perfect to start, you just have to start.

❤ Shana


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