Limitations are meant to be broken

Lately I’ve been rereading some of my favorite books, the Earth’s Children series! I love those books so much that I named my daughter after the main character! The books revolve around cavemen basically and the growing pains our way, way, way back ancestors went through.

What’s fun to think about is how our ancestors developed things that we take for granted like a fork, or soap or even a sewing needle. Our ancestors had so many limitations, yet they kept finding ways to break through those limitations in order to achieve a better life. In fact, the books spend quite some time discussing how hard change came for some of our ancestors and how readily accepting some were of the limitations. So much that thinking outside of the box and doing things differently was sometimes seen as a threat.

Today, we have the same problem. We have modern limitations that have been placed on us and lots of people around us who are eager to tell us why they should stay that way. Just like our ancestors before us, though, we have this amazing “front brain” that allows us to be innovative, to see and do things differently with our creativity. These brains allows us to dream, to set goals, plan, and achieve those things.

For example, some folks might be subconsciously limited by the amount of money they can make. Others might be limited on career options. Modern limitations are changing, but there is still the idea that you need to work 9 to 5, for a bigger company or the government and probably not even really like your job. I know I once had the very real mental limitation that as a mother who had been slightly overweight before having children, I was just always going to be overweight. I had that limitation for myself.

Other limitations we set for ourselves might be that our homes will always be a mess. Or that our kids will never listen. We might think that an amazing marriage is impossible or a dream vacation is going to stay a dream.

Because of all the previous innovation and creativity, we are even more free to do what we dream about. Yet, as humans with that “back brain,” we still manage to find ways to limit ourselves. Ways to stall from progress in our own lives.

Yet, just like the first person who started a fire or used a pole to catch a fish, limitations are meant to be broken. They present you with incredible opportunities that you might not have even dreamed possible. In fact, the post limitation reality might not even be fathomable. But it is possible.

What limitations have you become settled with today? Think about it and visualize yourself breaking through it like a football team breaking through the banner as they run out onto the field. That can be you my friend!

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