Time budget

I’ve been thinking about how time is our greatest resource. Unfortunately, many of us feel out of control with how we get to use that time. In fact, one really cool analogy my mentor Michael Hyatt uses is to think of time like a financial budget. If you were to sit down and make a time budget, where would all of your’s be going? Are there areas you’d rather redirect your resources?

I know for me, I have very specific goals for my time, just like I do with my money. It’s funny how many parallels there are. For example, the first item on our budget is giving. Likewise, we give a few hours of our month each week to serve at church. Of course, we also attend church and groups too.

Also on our list is the rent! Boo, hiss. On my time budget each day is time to clean and straighten our home. Again, boo, hiss (but necessary). You can see what’s coming next: food budget, family dinners time budget. Fun money budget, date night time budgeted.

Just like budgets help us to get our finances in alignment with our goals, thinking of our time in a budget sense will do the same.

Today, write out how you’ve spent your time in the last 48 hours. Then reflect on it. Is it in accordance with your goals? What changes can you make to better allocate the time in your budget?

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