Meal prep you can get excited about

God made food to look good, to smell good and to taste good. For some reason, when we turn to eating healthy or meal prepping our recipe repertoire can be boring, basic and bland.

Sometimes that’s okay I guess. Especially if you’re just getting into meal prep or healthy eating and you need a very basic way to get started. Unfortunately, though, it can backfire.

It can backfire as you sit at your desk at work around 10 o’clock. Your mind starts thinking about what you’re eating.

Oh yay. Chicken and broccoli. Again.

That’s when Jim or Pam stops by and asks if you want to go out to lunch with them. All of the sudden that temptation looks a whole lot more tempting.

Adding variety and excitement to your food can really make a difference in your long-term success.

In fact, this weekend I get the privilege of hosting a healthy living table at my church. This fall I’m leading a group of them through a fitness and food group that will hopefully allow them to lead a healthier lifestyle in accordance with their goals. One of the main things I like to teach is that you shouldn’t eat food you hate. So, part of my “advertising” will be some really fun meal prep ideas for them that will bring us back around to healthy food that looks good, smells good and tastes good. I thought I’d share a few of those options with you today!

grekEazy Peazy meals

Greek Chicken Bowls are a great meal prep idea, particularly for beginners! In the beginning, most folks haven’t given up dairy yet and this is a nice way to have it without overdoing it. It’s also mostly raw. You know what that means? It means less time “preparing” your meal prep. It means more time chewing your food, signaling to your brain that you’re not being deprived. It’s also more nutrients for you. Most of all, it looks pretty!


These shrimp taco bowls are totally colorful, super fast and easy to make and feel like you’ve made it to a restaurant. They’re very balanced with carbs, protein, fats and a little fruit. I mean, who wouldn’t want to eat that? Side note: If you want less carbs, swap the rice for salad greens. I also make a quick & easy dressing for taco bowls out of a little mayo & salsa. It’s super delish!


Pinwheels are always a got to for meal prep for me to share with my family or my clients. They seem fun because they’re finger food. They seem filling because the wrap seems like bread. Plus you can be endlessly creative with them! Wrap (basic tortilla to a spinach & sun dried tomatoes wrap), protein (deli meat of choice or a variety), veggie (spinach, lettuce, thinly sliced carrots, tomatoes, peppers, pickles), fat (cheese, avocado, olives or hummus) and a sauce (mayo, mustard, Italian dressing, etc). You can be your own Subway sandwich artist. Top with raw fruits and veggies and you’ve got a fun, interesting, super not boring lunch.


Why go out for Asian food? You can make so many delicious and nutritious variations on your own at home and then have something to look forward to all week without the drive through headache. I like to make chicken fried cauliflower rice these days.  Of course, you can always go the brown rice way and just add in more veggies. Finally, you can choose to do half and half of rice and cauliflower rice! All you have to do is make the rice. Then stir fry veggies in oil. Then add in rice & a couple scrambled eggs. Mix it all up with soy sauce and ginger and other spices. That’s FRIED RICE y’all! That simple! Add in orange chicken or beef & broccoli and you’ve got a full on meal. Add in Sriracha and green onion to make it look pretty!


If you really want to keep it simple and you’re not ready to say goodbye to sandwiches yet, check out this fun option! And, if you’re going to have crappy carbs, you may as well have them for lunch so they can burn off throughout the day! Add in a variety of fresh (aka no cooking required) fruits and veggies and this is the fastest meal prep ever!

There you go! Five options for meal prep that will have you excited. You’ll be sitting at your desk thinking,

I can’t wait for lunch!

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