Gratitude challenge

How are you feeling today? I hope there’s gooooood mojo going on in your life right now. Even if there’s not, let’s do three quick exercises together and see if we can infuse good feels into your day.

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First things first: Print out this worksheet. We need all of this to get out of our heads and into the world. Putting this stuff on paper takes it from imaginary to tangible and real. So, print it out. If you don’t have a printer, get a piece of paper and copy the worksheet.

Okay, so first thing’s first. Write out 20 things you want. This might be tough. It might be hard to come up with 20 things. That’s okay. Persevere. Stick to it until you’re done. I’ll wait. Write your 20 things, then come back to me.

How did you do? Was it easier or harder than you thought? I’ll tell you a few things I wrote, just so we’re in the same zone. I wrote diamond stud earrings, a trip to Florida and close relationships with my adult kids.

Take a look at your list of 20 things. How many of them are things that you already have? Yes, how many of those 20 things are achievements or material things that you don’t already have? It’s okay if it’s most or all of them. That’s totally okay. It was kind of a trick question. Now, we’re going to flip this exercise on its head so we can really dive into the feeling of gratitude.

Go back to your worksheet. Now I want you to write out 20 things that you want that you already have. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with desire, goals, dreams and wants. That’s all part of being human and it’s part of the experience. What’s really cool though, is when you have those desires and they’re coming from a place of abundance. So, you’re so content and grateful with what you’ve already got and you’re excited about the future things that you’re going to get too.

That’s much better than hating or disliking what you’ve already got and desiring something else. It’s also much better than always thinking about the next thing, how the next achievement or goal met is going to make your life better. Nope, let’s spend some time really thinking about wanting what we already have.

One fun way to think about this is to think about teenage you. Maybe teenage you wanted a job. Then she wanted a car. Then she wanted a place to live. Then she wanted to get married. Then she wanted a baby. Think about all the things that you used to want that you now have.

Another way to do this is to think about things that you’d really miss if you woke up tomorrow without them. I really want my paid off Tahoe. It’s the perfect vehicle for my life right now and I love it. My family has made so many memories in it, it can go anywhere, it can seat up to 7 people or it can haul a couch (just not both at the same time). I really want my awesome no-car-payment Tahoe!

For this list, pay attention to what you already have. To what you’ve already achieved. I bet you can come up with a really long list of things you already have that you want. Go now, write your list of 20! I’ll be here when you’re done.

That, my friends, is called gratitude. You just totally nailed it. Notice how you’re feeling on the inside. I bet it’s like the middle of a fresh-baked pumpkin pie. Warm, gooey and awesome. I want my three, happy, healthy kids just the way they are right now. I want the awesome, cool capsule wardrobe I’ve built for myself that makes my life easier. I want the marriage that’s comfortable but still challenging and exciting that I have right now.

Now for our third exercise. As I said before, there’s nothing wrong with desire. Goals are awesome. Progress is a core human value. So, I want you to go back to that first list now. I want you to pick one of those things that you want. Just one! I want you to use the third column to zoom in on this want. Write out all the ways you will be grateful when you have it. Think about achieving or getting that want. How will future you be grateful? How will she feel?

I’ll give you a few examples to get your juices flowing. Let’s go with the material thing I mentioned earlier. Let me imagine future me getting diamond stud earrings (again, long story there). I am so happy because I have a way to decorate my ears (again) that doesn’t interfere with my lifestyle in terms of fitness, mom life and taking the time to make decisions about jewelry. Every time I pass a mirror I see the pretty little shiny diamonds and it makes me smile. Those earrings give me a little boost everyday because they make me feel pretty and shiny. (I’m smiling right now, that’s how powerful this is.)

Okay, let’s go with one a little more deep: a close relationship with my future adult kids. I am so grateful that my kids love being around me. I am so grateful that we get to do fun things and have cool experiences. I’m so grateful I get to experience my kids as adults and I never have to miss them for too long because they want to be with me and I want to be with them. I love seeing the cool people they are and helping if they need it. I am so grateful that this lifelong vision I’ve had of a close-knit family is a reality. My heart is full. (My cheeks are starting to hurt from smiling again).

Now it’s your turn. Go, be grateful for the future you! Zoom in. I’ll be here when you’re done.

How was that? How did that feel? There is a lot of hippy-dippy-baloney that goes into why that exercise you just did is powerful.


Deep concepts like faith or the law of attraction are things we can dive into, but how about just focussing on how you feel for now? How did you feel with that third exercise? Again, I bet it’s like warm pumpkin pie. Ooey gooey goodness! =D

Now, there’s more to the story but you’ve been through a lot of emotion today already, haven’t you? I am so excited for you. You know why? You just figured out why you’re already happy by focusing on wanting what you have. You also just figured out how it’s going to feel when you do achieve or get one of your wants. And it’s going to be pretty freaking awesome. 

If you want more help with this exercise and meeting your goals, I’m here for you. Schedule a session with me now!



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