5 strategies to win the holiday food wars

Are you sitting there reading this slightly stressed over upcoming holiday eating opportunities?

I want to offer you two things today. First, four strategies to use at your next party and one other post-holiday season strategy.

Before we begin, I want you to do a small little exercise. Imagine you at your ideal weight. You’re happy, you’re content, you laugh when you pass fast food restaurants. What would that version of you do be thinking when it comes to holiday eating opportunities? Think about that for a moment. She’s content, she’s happy. What do these parties do to her brain?

Maybe the answer is nothing. Maybe food doesn’t control her life anymore. Maybe her life isn’t centered around food anymore. Maybe she doesn’t try to control it and it doesn’t try to control her.

Why not practice being that person now? Why not try on those thoughts? “Food doesn’t control me.” “I have more important, exciting things going on in my life other than food.” Just an idea.

On to our strategies.

  1. Half veggies. I’m starting super simple and practical here. When you go up to the buffet or when you sit around the table filling your plate you have one guideline: fill it halfway with veggies first. Then put whatever fun things on there you’d like. Firstly veggies, mostly veggies. Then added fun.
  2. One and done. What if you just accept that you get to put whatever things make your heart skip a beat on your plate? But only once. Yes, you can fill your plate once. With whatever you fancy. Just make the commitment to yourself that you’re only going to do one plate. Just one. This will be a favor to yourself. You and I both know that if you go back for that second plate, you’re just going to regret it. You’re going to be way too full and your stomach is going to be talking to you all day. You’re going to get a carb coma. So, limit it to one plate. One plate is indulgence, but not too much! *Bonus points if you combine strategy 1 & 2!
  3. Before and after. Before your holiday party, fill up on as much water as you can. Seriously, chug it if you have to. I want you to go into your event with your daily intake (half your body weight in ounces) of water already down the gullet. Plus, I want you to eat clean (as in all whole, God-made foods–lots of veggies!). That’s your before. The next day, you’re going to do the same thing. Then I recommend you add in a tough workout the day after. The way I like to think about it is I was like Michael Phelps at the holiday party. Carb loading, ingesting those extra calories because I had a KILLER workout to get fueled up for. Totally sense making.
  4. Change it up. Here’s an idea! What if you had an apple cider party instead of a whole potluck? What if you and your family went to feed the homeless instead of only gathering around the dinner table? You could start a tradition of your
    family having its own turkey trot the morning of Thanksgiving or a walk after eating, maybe during halftime? Add in more games and activities at get togethers so there’s less focus around eating and drinking and more focus on fun and memories!

2n2jby (1).jpg

Okay, here’s your 5th strategy! I will be hosting an online health & fitness group starting in 2019. Join me! If you know you’re going to hit it hard beginning in the new year, that will ease some of the anxiety for the season. I can help you get results and reset the nutrition and workouts so you can get back on track! Just fill the form out below!

Happy Thanksgiving! Merry Christmas! And the most awesome New Year ever!

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