Brag tag

I have a fun, secret game for you and your family to play tomorrow when you’re at Thanksgiving. It’s called brag tag.

Here’s how it works. You start by bragging on someone in your family.

“John makes the best turkey.”

Tag, John is it! It’s his turn to brag on someone else.

“Jane got excellent grades this semester and her teacher gave her a raving review.”

Tag! Jane is it! Now, it’s Jane’s turn.

You get the point. You get the game, right? But why?

Well, let’s not get too deep into the drama that can surround family get togethers or the annoyed vibes that inlaws can create.

Instead, let’s focus on the idea that this game will build goodwill between your family. It will keep the focus positive and fun. It will affirm (do any of your family members speak Words of Affirmation as a love language?) them, IN FRONT of others. It will make everyone feel good and happy.

So, I challenge you and your family to a game of brag tag! Let me know how it goes! =D

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