It only takes one day to get back on track


You know what’s really cool? It doesn’t matter how “far” off the wagon you’ve fallen, it only takes ONE day to get back on track.

Listen, whatever happened over the weekend stays on the weekend. Today is the day that you get to decide to get back on track.

Whatever that means to you, make it happen! It might be in the realm of fitness, of nutrition, of parenting, of marriage, of anything you want it to be!

It only takes one day to get back on track. If you focus your effort on TODAY then you’re already back in the game. You’re already back on track, on the trajectory that leads to you hitting your goals.

It doesn’t take a month to get back on track or even a month. It takes just one day.

One day tells yourself that you’re committed! It reminds your body, mind and spirit that you’re in it to win it. One day in a row of honoring your commitment to yourself and doing the things that you have pre-decided you want to do to make your life better.

Don’t wait until tomorrow, get started today! TODAY is the one day. The one day you’re back on track!

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