Red light action

Let’s talk about sticking to your goals today. My amazing mentor Brooke Castillo has a really good metaphor we’re going to use to set this up.

We’ll use the idea of going to the grocery store to illustrate it.

When you decide you need groceries you start taking action. In fact, you don’t stop taking action until you get the groceries home and put away. 

Maybe you make a list. You grab your keys. You get into the car and drive to the store.

On the way, you hit a red light. You don’t think, “Oh no, I’ve been stopped. I tried, I really did. But I still have no groceries. I’m just going to stop trying. I’m going to give up and go home.”

Nope, you just wait for the light to turn green and you keep moving.

Maybe you hit another red light. Or you’re waiting because traffic is heavy. You don’t say to yourself:

  • This is too hard.
  • This is taking too long.
  • This is a sign I should just give up.

Nope. Again, you just keep moving forward. And even the slow checkout doesn’t stop you from getting those groceries home (though it might annoy you).

What if you decided to take action to get the results you want in the same way you go get groceries?

Before you ever leave your house, you’ve accepted that you’re going to have some red lights. It’s going to take at least an hour of your time. You’re probably going to run into some traffic and some left turns against it. But you do it anyway. And you keep doing it until you’re home with those groceries. You don’t give up.

Let’s say you’re trying to lose weight. Accept you’ll have some red lights. Murphy’s law tells me you’re probably going to get sick during your journey. You might hit a plateau. You might eat an entire pizza in one sitting.

What if you just pre-accept those obstacles? What if you know there are going to be some roadblocks on the way to your goal. At the same time, what if you just accept that just like those red lights, you’re going to keep going until you reach your goal?

The same idea would go for trying to build a business, for trying to stop yelling at your kids, for trying to get a schedule or routine going, for improving your marriage. It’s not going to be smooth sailing the entire way. There will be red lights. But that’s just part of the process. And what you can control is that you decide not to give up.

Red light action is about taking action through all the red lights until you get the results you want. How can you apply this to your life today and take red-light-action?

Now, if we were to take this metaphor and extend (torture) it even more, let’s look at the concept of a Jumpstart (by Shana). In your red light action taking world, your car might need a jumpstart. That’s where I come in. I can help you get started. And just like a real jumpstart, you’re going to need to keep running for awhile before you can turn the car off. You’ve got to get that battery recharged by running the engine. So, I’ll stick with you for a while, I will help you as long as it takes, as long as you need. Until you’re ready to take in on your own. 😉


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