Fierce Faith Friday: Remember your stones

How often do you sit back and reflect on all the big moments in your life that you’ve overcome, that you’ve gotten through, that you’ve seen your own personal miracles? How often do you tell your friends (#testify) or kids about it all?

Let’s look in the Old Testament for some inspiration. After God has performed many miracles and rescued the Israelites, he brings them through the Jordan River (which in itself was a miracle) to the Promised Land. God then tells the leaders of the 12 tribes to each take one stone from the river and stack them all up as a memorial. God tells them to keep the memorial to help them remember and to tell their children about how God brought them through so much and all the miracles and blessings they’d witnessed.

In an interesting twist of the story, the very next generation had completely forgotten about everything those stones represented. As Pastor Furtick said (see link below), they’d allowed the current battles to loom bigger in their minds than the past blessings.

So, here’s our take. Here’s how we can apply this ancient biblical tale.

Stop, now, and think about all the things you’ve come through in your life. Think about the huge prayers you’ve had answered. Think about what you’ve overcome and what you truly have to be grateful for. Think about the things that have grown your faith.

These are the things you’d want to tell your grandkids about too. These are the things that made you realize your own faith. These are the things that, at one time or another, you probably couldn’t shut up about. Things you were so grateful for, so happy to have resolved or finished or healed or realized.

These are your 12 stones. They are a memorial of the blessings in your life. Of the biggest moments. What are yours?

Here’s a worksheet you can download to draw this out. Or, if you’re a better artist (no doubt there) than I am, you can draw your own. I find drawing things out is a really fun way to gain clarity  and really visualize what you’re thinking about.

If you want to listen more about this concept, it’s from the weekly series I listen to from Pastor Steven Furtick. Head over here.

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