Vision Boards: Just Do It

Have you ever created a vision board? If you haven’t, I’m sure you’ve seen them. I want to chat with you a bit today about what they are, why you should do one and then go a little bit into the HOW.

First, vision boards are visual representation of your hopes, your dreams and your goals for your own life. I talk a lot about Life By Design, and this is exactly that.

Next, WHY. Why should you create a vision board this year? The first, and most important, reason is because it requires you to set aside time and space to think and dream. Yes, to think about what you actually want. Most people walking around have no idea what they want except for that next Starbucks or Netflix binge. We’re not going to be like that. Moreover, vision boards require you to dream. There’s this gap between graduating from school and retirement where we stop dreaming. At either bookend, we’re all dreamy eyed and have this I-can-do-anything attitude. We should not spend the middle part of our lives not dreaming. But, then again, when is the last time you really dreamed about all the possibilities in your life? Exactly.

Another reason why is that research shows that goals that are written down are 42 percent more likely to succeed. Then there’s the idea from neuropsychologists of generation. When you read a book you get inspiration and ideas. But when you come up with them on your own you’ll remember them and be even more likely to, you know, do them. That’s what a vision board will do for you. It’ll give you the space to generate your own ideas, desires and hopes for your life. Finally, vision boards work with that same subliminal messaging idea that we hear from commercial advertising. Everytime your brain sees that board, it will subliminally be reminded to do and be the things you’ve dreamt.

There’s also the Law of Attraction to consider. That law is just the concept of like attracts like. The positive, joyful, hopeful energy you will put out as you create your board will attract those things to happen. It just will. It’s the law.

Finally! How. Here is a 4-page workbook that will get your juices flowing. A must do!


  • Canvas: Whatever you prefer. Canvas, Corkboard, Paper, Poster Board.
  • Markers: So you can draw / write / embellish.
  • Scissors.
  • Magazines: And anything else that you can cut inspiring images from.
  • Glue: Either glue, a glue stick, mod podge or liquid cement. Whichever you prefer!
  • Momentos: Any Momentos or photos that you want to use in your 2019 vision!
  • Time: You MUST commit to making the time and creating the space to dream. It’s just a little bit. And it’s well worth it!

A vision board is not a logic board. It’s not even just a goal board. It also represents the overall feeling and vibe that you want to achieve! So, you need to figure out how you want to FEEL.

One amazing way to do that is to go through that workbook. Challenge yourself even in areas where you think you’re good. For example, I feel strong in the area of faith. My habits, serving and giving are pretty good. But I don’t want to settle. So, I chose a new way to serve that’s out of my comfort zone this year.

Next, flip through magazines. See what things stand out to you. What is attractive to you? What represents how you want to feel, what you want to do, how you want to be. For example, check out this photo! I never would’ve come up with it on my own but it TOTALLY embodies how I want to be and feel this next year as I move into the mountains. And she’s wearing my colors.


So, workbook. Music. Magazines. Flip. Tear entire magazine pages out, don’t worry about cutting until you’re done entirely. Grab momentos. Then organize them and put it all onto your board! Stand back and admire your handiwork.

Your next steps are to arm yourself with scripture, mantras and truths that you can repeat in your mind that affirm your vision. Confront any fear or excitement you have over what’s on your board. Finally, put your board somewhere you’ll see it everyday!

Last, but not least, be ready for that vision to happen! Check out this video from my 2016 Vision Board when I realized everything came true! MIND BLOWING!

One thought on “Vision Boards: Just Do It

  1. Great post. Totally agree with the wonder of a good vision board! When I was in high school I nailed about 8 big cardboard-like ceiling tiles to one wall in my room and made the entire wall into a vision board of maps and dreams and ideas that I could pin up with thumbtacks. It made such a huge difference in calling me toward the life I wanted to live and since they were put up with thumbtacks I could adjust my board as I changed. 🙂


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