One Habit To Rule Them All

In his latest sermon series on habits, Pastor Craig Groeschel talks about flossing (as in oral hygiene, not dancing). According to him, it’s the main discipline he set into place years ago that has had the biggest domino effect on other disciplines in his life. In the beginning, it gave him the confidence that he could be disciplined. Now, when he flosses, it’s a physical reminder that he is a disciplined person. That prompts the mindset that he needs to get all the other important things done. Being a Lord of the Rings fan, I think of that one domino effect habit as the “One Habit to Rule Them All.”

I’ve been thinking about that concept for myself since hearing it. Personally, I follow most of Pastor Groeschel’s discipline advice, possibly a little too literally. I also pray and journal and read books and say affirmations and all the things he recommends. So, in my own case, I was wondering what thing I do is my one habit to rule them all.

At first I thought it was running. If I run, I help my fitness and I help clear my mind. It helps me be a better mom, a better wife, a better business person and just a better human. It’s a pretty good one.

Then I thought it was starting my day with prayer time. It sets my mind right, it affects every part of my life, it grows my faith. You know, all the good things.

Then today I finally returned to the habit of getting up at 5. I’ve been getting up at 5:30 or even 6! I know that made some folks roll their eyes. That’s fine, it’s as normal to me as people who stay up to 11 each night! As I was saying…

Getting up at 5 actually makes a big difference in my life. Because I got up at 5 this morning I was able to:

  • Get dressed for fitness after my 9:30 meeting!
  • Read the bible
  • Pray
  • Have a few moments with warm water and candy crush
  • Write
  • Plan my big 3 of the day
  • Have breakfast with my husband
  • Clean the kitchen, vacuum and put away laundry
  • Get dinner prepped (rice for their stir fry is already ready y’all! WHAT!?)
  • Gently welcome my kids as they rolled into the morning (rather than react and rush!)

It’s almost 8 and all of my priorities in life have been addressed! That’s actually the habit that sets everything else in motion. Life a set of dominoes tipped off, everything else pretty much goes the way I need it to if I make that habit a priority.

So, what’s your one habit to rule them all? What is the one that sets off your domino effect for your ideal day?

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