Stop dragging your heart around

There is a beautiful song by Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty called Stop Dragging My Heart Around (link). It inspired the title of this brief post. As we launch into Monday, a fresh set of days that end in Y, I hope you’re still working on your goals and vision for the year!

As you continue working on your own goals, I want to give you permission to just do you. Boo. As we start to make changes in our lives, it’s tempting to try to bring everyone else along with us. We might feel compelled to convince others of the epiphanies we’re having or the progress we’re making.

But that’s just too taxing. You’re already expending enough energy trying to get your own life together! Don’t attempt to bring, to pull or to drag other people along with you. Don’t drag your heart around! While you can potentially inspire or influence those around you, you can’t control them. You can’t make someone else adopt these same principles that are going to make your life easier. You can’t convince a friend that doing these new things are going to make her more happy or healthy. You can wear yourself out trying though.

The only person you can control is you. You work on you. You make yourself better, more happy, more content, more healthy, more joyful, more confident. You do all of that without the added pressure of pulling others along. Make a better you for everyone around you.

You do you boo!

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