Create your own domino effect: Part 1

Your thoughts create your reality. It’s a memorable phrase. It’s so important it’s one of five Jen Sincero chose from her entire book to record into her “You Are A Badass” button. (think Staple’s easy button) I own that button, thanks to my ex-boss gave me.

Your thoughts create your reality.

Even though it’s true, it sounds kind of hippy dippy. So, let’s try to “prove” this idea is to use the model created by Brooke Castillo. In this model, C stands for Circumstance, T = thoughts, F = feelings (emotions), A = actions and finally, R = results.

  • C = I have 24 hours in a day.
  • T = I am too busy.
  • F = Anxious. Frustrated. Overwhelm.
  • A = Look around at all there is to do and instead binge eat, drink or Netflix to avoid the feeling of overwhelm, which adds to the feeling of having too much to do.
  • R = Perpetually busy.

So, if you look at this particular example, can you see how the result (REALITY) of being perpetually busy continues to prove and REINFORCE your thought of being too busy? So, in this way your thoughts create your reality. Is it a coincidence? Let’s try it again.

  • C = I have a job.
  • T = My job sucks.
  • F = Annoyed. Hopeless.
  • A = Show up to work in a funk. Don’t perform well. Slug through each day, barely making it.
  • R = Continue being unhappy at job.

So, your thought that your job sucks creates the reality of you continuing to dislike your job. Your thoughts create your reality. Your thoughts are the initial domino that set everything, including your feelings and results, into motion.

Let’s look at both examples one more time and see if we can change the thought variable to produce a different outcome in the results (reality).

  • C = I have 24 hours in a day.
  • T = I get to choose what I spend my time on today.
  • F = Peace. Freedom. Hope.
  • A = Take a time inventory. Look at schedule, remove things that are not in alignment with priorities. Choose things that you want and need to accomplish. Say no thanks to everything else.
  • R = Accomplish what’s necessary and important to me.

Do you see how changing your thoughts created a different reality? The truth is that our thoughts are almost the only thing in the model that we have control over. Sometimes we can change our circumstances, but most of the time we would’ve already done that in these extreme examples if we could’ve. We also can’t control the results or outcomes. Right? We can control the trajectory TOWARD those results, but they’re farther away, they’re in the future. Really, we can control our thoughts. Those thoughts determine how we feel. Those feelings then domino into our actions. Those actions, over and over again, domino into our results.

Here’s our second example.

  • C = I have a job.
  • T = My job provides for myself and my family. OR I like my coworkers. OR My work schedule allows me to do the things I enjoy on my time off. OR I can’t control everything about my job, but I CAN control what I do. I can make my small part enjoyable and be proud of my work.
  • F = Grateful.
  • A = Show up to work grateful, do a good job.
  • R = Peace with job.

So, think about what domino effect you want to create in your life today, this week, this month or this year. Can you figure out what thoughts you need to have in order to set that domino effect in motion?

In a much more practical way, I want to talk to you about how to create your own positive domino effect in terms of actions. That’s part 2!



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