Spring cleaning your schedule

Just like your home, your schedule might be in need of some deep cleaning.

You might have somethings that are growing cobwebs or collecting dust. You might have some things that need to be thrown out in the trash. There might even be something exciting you can add in like a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Either way, it’s time to take a look. Start by downloading my schedule template.

Then, consider your time like money on a financial budget. Just like with money, it can often feel like we’re constantly running out of time.

Borrowing (pun intended) the idea of a financial budget to plan our time is a good tool to regain control. This exercise requires you to do a brain dump on a plain piece of paper or the template above. On that paper dump out how you spend your time. All day long. Get specific. Get detailed. Just like you would by going down to the penny on a financial budget.

Once you’re done, you’ll very clearly see right in front of you how you’re spending your precious resource. Getting everything down on paper can really open your eyes. Where is all of your time going? More importantly, though, now you can reallocate. You can move things around. Are there areas you’d rather redirect your resources?

Financial expert Dave Ramsey advocates that we tell our money where to go rather than wondering where it went. He says you should give every dollar a job, tell it what to do. In this instance, we’re going to tell our time where it gets spent rather than frantically rushing around all day only to end up in bed at night wondering where all the time went and why nothing got done. We’re going to tell our hours where to go.

Best wishes!

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