Test Group

  • Who: Women who want to get to the bottom of weight loss issues and make long lasting changes.
  • What: Online coaching group where I give you a plan, a journal and we go through it all together.
  • When: April 29 – May 18.
  • Where: Your home.
  • Why: Losing weight is hard. I want to help you using what I’ve learned and everything I teach when it comes to habits, nutrition and fitness.
  • How: We will do some prework that establishes your why, some really good PERSONALIZED hows with regard to food choices, working out, habits, triggers, emotions and more. Then we will set goals and get going! You’ll use my journal and be in my coaching group and we will walk through 21 days of real life and get you results.

Here are some of the things I believe that we’ll learn about and implement:

  • Negative emotion is real and it’s okay. Most of our bad habits are a result of trying to avoid the emotion that leads to bad binging behaviors or avoiding good habits. Instead, let’s tackle it. Let’s deal with it on purpose and as well as we can.
  • The best workout is the one you’ll actually do. So, with this group that might be walking but it also might be P90X. I don’t care. I will help you if you need it. Otherwise, it’s about picking something you find least resistance with and doing it.
  • My main healthy eating philosophies are: DON’T EAT FOOD YOU HATE and EAT LIKE A HUMAN. 
  • We need to get in touch with emotion, get in touch with our bodies and what’s working.
  • We need to figure out how to make good habits easier and bad habits harder.
  • We need to come up with personal formulas on how to deal with emotion.


What this looks like macro:

  • Create an overall goal based on self-love not self-hate.
  • Come up with options based on food and workouts you enjoy.
  • Pre-plan how to deal with emotions.

What this looks like daily:

  • Plan your day.
  • Stick to your plan.
  • Be aware when you don’t want to and investigate it.
  • Journal. Learn about yourself.
  • Receive coaching in my Facebook group based on your specific challenges.
  • Engage & support others in group doing the same thing you are!


The cost will be $25 plus $7 for the journal (Amazon link).

If you’re in, let me know by filling out the form below. Then head to Paypal and pay. I’ll invite you to the group and we will get started April 28!

2 thoughts on “Test Group

  1. Yes, this seems like it would do me some good. Count me in.

    Janet Lockman

    PS Where do I go to pay? There’s no PayPal in this post.


  2. Yes, this seems like it would do me some good. Count me in.

    Janet Lockman

    PS Where do I go to pay? There’s no PayPal in this post.


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