Kid budget & downsizing lesson

I wonder if I find parts of motherhood so 🙄 that I create ways to make it less so. For example, the never-ending ridiculousness of kid STUFF. I think I’m pretty strict but my kiddos still acquire and acquire and acquire. The shuffle of changing clothes sizes, toys, artwork, books, blah blah blah. It’s not my favorite. What IS my favorite is them having nice, neat spaces they can play and rest in.

That being said, Let me show you very latest way I tried to make this process a little more fun.

It started when I walked by my son’s room.

To be fair, his wasn’t as bad. The girl’s-even though they can tidy better-was much worse.

I just couldn’t take it anymore! I drug all of their stuff out of their room and downstairs.

  • This was important so that the rooms were emptied and we truly went through everything.
  • It also made those decisions more considered because they were going to have to drag what they wanted to keep all the way back.

I created a budget for them to buy their own stuff back.


  • This entire concept reinforces the idea of wanting what you already have. It was a lesson in gratitude and abundance. They have a lot and they have a lot of things they really love.
  • It’s also a lesson in discernment. Would they buy something again?
  • I wanted to be “fair.” Everything cost a dollar (ish) and I created a decent budget for them I thought (without taking too much time to think about it).
    • $100 for clothes. That allows for the 7 of everything and then some.
    • $5 in games. There are three of them. That means we kep 15 games!
    • $100 in art & books.
    • $100 toys. Man, this was generous but I don’t want to be too mean!
    • $25 in keepsakes. This is an important lesson that allowed me to really explain what keepsakes are. It’s also a lesson in you don’t have to keep every single thing from every single thing.

Then, I set them loose.


  • They actually kind of enjoyed the process. I didn’t hear any complaining until after a few hours.
  • They were empowered to make their own decisions and really think about things.
  • They didn’t even spend all of their budgets-in every area. This lets me know to budget more thoughtfully next time.
  • They have less stuff and mama is happy! They’re happy in their tidier rooms.

Let me know if you decide to use this little trick!

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