Which way are you heading?

I am so pumped! Today I purchased a ticket for a business conference I’ve been wanting to go to for some time now. I was so excited! It made me think back to the other times I’ve invested in ME.

Every. Single. Time. I’ve. Invested. In. Myself. It’s. Been. Worth. It.

Examples are a really healthy shake, high quality running shoes, coaching, a $500 running stroller, books, an expensive planner/journal, FPU, conferences, trainings and certifications.

Each time I’ve done these things it’s been a wee bit like:

I don’t know. Do I really need it? Do I really want to spend the money?

There’s been trepidation. However, looking back I know it was 100% worth it each time. It was like telling myself:

Girl, you’re worth it. I believe in you and the reason you want to buy it. I know you can do it and I’m willing to BET MONEY on it.

I’m not saying I had that thought specifically, but I certainly felt that feeling. That feeling of showing up and believing in yourself. It doesn’t matter how much other people believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself, right?

Each of these things I’ve invested in was like a stepping stone to my best self.

I want you to imagine your best self. What’s she like? I bet she’s happy, glowing, carefree. She glows, she loves life. She wakes up excited and goes to bed satisfied. She has healthy, loving relationships and she has a daily routine that she enjoys. Her home is in order, her money is not stressing her out, she’s proud of her fitness and she’s healthy. You know that girl? She’s awesome.

The stepping stones to that girl are investments like the ones I mentioned above, though they’ll be unique to you.

Now, there’s also a shadow version of you. Your shadow self. She’s the person who, rather than investing in herself, keeps herself too busy and too numb to make any decisions that get her closer to ideal. She’s burdened with overwhelm, unhappiness, unrest. She eats, drinks, Facebooks and binge watches shows to keep hidden. While your best self is hopping up stones toward her best self, this is a downward journey.

So, which way are you headed?

I hope it’s up. I hope you’ll take a minute to answer this question:

What is the next best thing I need to do to get closer to my ideal self?

That’s a simple question. And notice next best = small. Don’t let overwhelm win. Maybe it’s a walk. Maybe it’s that book you’ve been eyeballing (Or my book, coming out next month ;)). Maybe it’s a decent workout outfit so you feel confident. Maybe it’s a healthy vitamin-filled Shake. MAYBE it’s coaching with me to help you figure it out.

Either way, onward and upward friend. Cheers!


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