To declutter, follow the fork

Everything in your home needs it’s own home, with it’s own family. The things that clutter up our home do so because they probably don’t have a good home to live in. Remember, clutter is simply stuff that hasn’t been put away. So, what’s the solution?

Everything in your home should follow the fork’s example.

If you find a fork in the bathroom you immediately know it’s in the wrong place. And you immediately know where it’s supposed to be. In fact, everyone in your home would know the fork is out of place. If everything in your home had a place to live like that, you would find it so much easier to keep your home together and stop chasing your tail.

Keeping with the fork analogy, let’s look at what’s next to the fork in its home. Other silverware! All the silverware is kept in the one drawer. You don’t keep the spoons in one drawer by the fridge and the forks in a drawer over by the sink. Likewise, we shouldn’t be keeping some games here and some there. Or some books here and some there. Or some sports equipment here and some there. It seems like it’s not a big deal, sure. It seems easy to skip this part over. But we are looking for ways to make our lives simpler and we are trying to make it easier for our families to help us keep the house up. Keeping your things in their home and with like items will do just that.

Easy to keep.

When everything has a home, your home itself will be so much easier to maintain. Think about the fork. If you had to ask anyone in your home to put the fork away, they’d all know where to put it right? And it would be pretty easy for them to put it away right? Everything in your home should be as easy to remember and as easy to put away as a fork. That helps you out as the primary keeper of stuff but it also makes it easier for your team (family) to help you. That’s always a winning strategy.

Now, if you can’t give everything a home, it means you have too much stuff. You should only have as much stuff as you have room to properly keep it. Kind of like you should only have as much waist as you have room to properly button your pants. You either lose weight or you get bigger pants.

That’s what I’m here for friends. I’ve helped many women get their homes in order. I’ve watched them get energized and excited seeing the end results and that they’re capable of hard things. That could be you too! Schedule a consult now!

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