Fund the future

I’ve been coaching women for years but I just got certified as a financial coach last month. I’ve been working with two clients to implement budgets and eliminate debt since March.

$6655 is how much debt my two clients have paid off since March!! Isn’t that so cool? It’s their victory but I’m celebrating it like it’s mine! 

That’s because seeing those numbers is very motivating. My clients use this printable to keep it front and center in their homes so they stay motivated and focused. It tracks their total debt number as they pay it down. For my part, I’m tracking how much they pay off. As that number rises, I get more and more excited! As the number they’re tracking goes down, they get more and more excited.


Because the money you earn each month can either be funding your future or paying for the past. I think it’s more fun and definitely more freeing to fund the future! If you’ve got debt, you’re paying for the past. I don’t know about you, but don’t want to be working out of obligation of a debt owed. I would rather my money and my hard work be for something in my future, something I want for me or for my family. Not only does that keep the dreams alive, it puts a little pep in my work step.

Let me help you figure it out with a budget makeover & debt payoff plan!! Get started now.


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