Give the gift of financial coaching

Hey friend!

This year, you can give your friend another scarf.

Or, you can give your son & daughter in law another movie.

You can even give your brother another video game.


This year you can give them a totally unique gift. You can give them a gift that will help them dream again, stop stressing about money and have some major financial wins next year. Yes, you can give them a gift certificate that CAN ACTUALLY CHANGE THEIR LIFE.

Yes, I know that sounds dramatic. But, I’m just thinking about what my clients have said:

  • “I am finally sleeping all the way through the night again.”
  • “I literally felt the weight lift off my shoulders when I paid those two credit cards off.”
  • “I have never had a savings account before in my life.”

And that’s just in the last month y’all. You see, most people are stressing about money. It’s just a fact. In fact, it’s the fact that made me want to start coaching others and helping them. I’m here to help folks stop stressing and start dreaming about their financial future again by using a proven plan that works!

So, do you know someone who could use a little encouragement? A little help? Grab a gift certificate for them this holiday season! It’ll give them a 1-hour session with me. I’ll understand their situation, provide information and their next steps and–MOST IMPORTANTLY– inject hope into their situation!

Merry Christmas!


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