Self-assesmsent: How would you rate?

When I was in the Air Force we had an annual performance review that let us know where we stood in terms of meeting standards as well as in comparison with our peers. You know, we’d be rated on our job knowledge, our fitness, our conduct and more.

After listening to Jokko Willink on the latest Entreleadership podcast, I’m extremely interested in creating a self-evaluation for myself. In fact, I’m even more interested in creating one for my clients.

The first reason I’d want to create a self-eva is to help my clients see just how much they’re already achieving. My clients usually fail to see all the areas they’re winning in life because they’re so focused on where they believe they’re failing. One of the early exercises I do with my clients is establish their core values along with their intentions for coaching. This is the kind of stuff that would go into a self-evaluation.

Furthermore, a self-evaluation form would allow my clients to have clarity in what they value and what they do. You see, it’s not really about the goals we set, it’s about the person we become in setting and reaching those goals!

Okay, so if you had a self-evaluation form, what would the categories in it be? What would the standards be? What would the ratings mean?

Let’s first look at an example from the Marines. The following screen capture is from Form NAVMC 10835.

I know I often set my goals and habits in five specific areas: Faith, family, fitness, finance & fun. So, I’m going to brainstorm a few just so I can get the juices flowing. I’d love to hear from you and get your feedback or ideas. I’ll be creating a form here shortly!


  • Maintains a personal relationship with God, Jesus & the Holy Spirit.
  • Reads bible, prays, praises and worships daily.
  • Surrenders to the Holy spirit and allows herself to be used accordingly in thought, words and actions daily.
  • Speaks life into others at every opportunity.
  • Shows love to those she comes into contact with and points people to Jesus.
  • Casts all cares and worries unto God.
  • Trusts God to fill her with joy & peace.
  • The fruits of the spirit are evident in her life: love, peace, joy, patience, kindness, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness and self-control.
  • Stewards talents, time and money according to God’s will.


  • Shows physical affection daily.
  • Anticipates needs of others and does them without seeking reprication.
  • Encourages and empowers family members daily.
  • Keeps house clean, cozy and organized while allowing others to contribute.
  • Keeps house schedule functioning efficiently and with minimal stress.
  • Creates fun, relaxing and silly moments weekly.
  • Brings solutions and spreads optimism.
  • Maintains an environment that encourages communication, conversation and personal growth.


  • Maintains an energetic and strong body through healthy fitness and nutrition habits.
  • Maintains self-confidence in physical appearance as well as the ability to accomplish goals in life.
  • Keeps body and mind in a state of readiness for adventure and fun.
  • Continually seeks solitude and quiet to maintain mental health.
  • Ensures consistent mental gym work by reading and listening to books, podcasts and other mediums that allow for personal and professional growth.
  • Gets an average of 8 hours of sleep a day and has one day of rest per week.

That was just some quick brainstorming. What do you think? One really cool point they made on this podcast was that achieving a 100% seems nearly impossible. It’s a high standard. So, I look at all of that and know that it’s lofty. But, trying to become the person that achieves these things is my life’s work.

Again, without writing these things out, how will I know if I’m on the right path? How will I know what the win looks like?

Alright, those were my 20-minute thoughts. Please, give me your feedback! What areas would you set? What standards would you set within those areas?

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