Before you set goals…

Why not reflect on 2019? So many people are so quick to rush into 2020 without pausing to look back at what 2019 meant.

Let’s take a moment and list out your cherished moments, people and accomplishments from last year. I call this a gratitude assessment. Fill out this form and allow yourself to feel the warm fuzzies that gratitude brings on.

This exercise is also important because you may be eager to create goals for 2020 but if you’re not honest abotu 2019, you’re probably going to repeat some bad habits and patterns. Your 2020 goals might stall out quickly.

Conversely, if you fill this assessment out and really dig deep to remember the moments you were truly the most happy—you might be able to intentionally REPEAT those kinds of experiences. That’s handy, especially if being more joyful is a goal. Likewise, if one of your proudest moments was getting out of debt, lean into that. Can you help others? Can you further your own financial goals?

Alright folks, please enjoy this free exercise and THEN Happy New Year!

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