Food should not be the best part of your day

What are you most looking forward to today?

Unfortunately for many, it’s their next snack or meal.

Yes, whether it’s unconscious or not, we are often so busy or so burdened that food is the most exciting part of our day. It may be the only time we find pleasure or comfort.

Even if it’s not food, it may be a television show, shopping or even a glass of wine.

While food is worth enjoying and shows are fun too, it’s when they become the main source of pleasure in our lives that we’ve lost the battle.

When we have nothing more to look forward to, these things become an escape. They become and addiction.

Instead, we want to build a life we don’t want to escape from. We want to build a life where we’ve got a steady stream of joy flowing in our lives.

If you dread the wake up in the morning only to then dread the rush out of the house only to then dread your job only to then dread making dinner only to then dread the bedtime rush, I imagine you’re going to be turning to food, alcohol, spending money or electronics to pull you right out of that reality and provide some relief.

So, when I’m trying to help clients change habits, we have to take a step back and look at their life. Are they eating to escape?

What if, instead:

  • You were so into enjoying their hobby of painting, that food was merely an added bonus.
  • You were so proud and energized about your workout that you wanted to stay active instead of go in for that tv show?
  • You were so tired from laughing and playing games with your family before bedtime that you didn’t go straight for a drink afterward?
  • You were so content with your home and it’s decor and organization that you didn’t feel the need to go out of the house to eat and shop just so you didn’t have to look at it?

These are some very random examples, but perhaps you get the point. Are you turning to food, drinks, shopping, electronics as your sole source of pleasure, comfort, zoning out?

Is there a healthier alternative that fits with YOUR ideal version of your life that you can start incorporating? If you can make that adjustment, you won’t have to rely solely on WILLPOWER to get you through resisting your bad habits. That’s what real self care is about!

So, what are you most looking forward to today?

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