Hey there, I’m Shana! (pronounced Shay-nah)

I’m the kind of person who is full of enthusiasm and I like to spread it around! I’m a Jesus follower, a wife of 13 years to my knight in shining armor, a mom of 3 incredibly hilarious and unique little rascals, a veteran, a military spouse and a fitness enthusiast.

I’m here to…

Help others. It’s just that simple.

I have very specific skill sets. I’m not good at making things, I’m not great at techy stuff, I’ve no stomach for medical things and I am pretty reluctant at sales.

BUT! I am way enthusiastic, I am good at leading the way. Also, speaking life, showing love and compassion come easily to me.

In fact, I used to kind of keep those under wraps…it’s a little embarrassing to be a bubbling blonde ball of optimism in this cynical world that cherishes pessimism, drama and other such negativity. But I’m ready to embrace what I’ve got to give and follow my purpose.

That involves being a great mom and a great wife (don’t worry, I’ve totally got those nailed down…just kidding.)



It also means combining my gifts of

encouragement &

communication with 

my skill of activation (#makerofplans)

to empower others to go from where they are to where they want to be! I believe God has designed us to be strong and capable. I believe that we are created to live a life full of abundance and joy. It doesn’t mean it’s not hard, right? In fact, it can seem really hard. But! Nothing worth it is ever easy, am I right? I like to give others a jumpstart, to help them bridge that gap, to make it seem less hard.



As a coach, I’ve seen excuses overcome, generational curses broken, confidence restored, joy manifested–and I’m just getting started! Personally, I’ve gone:

From obese to strong and fit.

From depressed to overflowing with joy.

From underwhelmed to excited & passionate.

From lonely to connected.

From chaotic & sporadic to planned & intentional.

From broke to being able to give generously.

From being a victim to being empowered & able to make change happen.

From lost & unsure to finding my purpose & living it out.



Now it’s my job to help others get to where they want to be. And it’s kind of the best job ever. I’ve had a long journey to get to the (mentally & physically) healthy and happy version of myself that exists today. My job now is to pay forward everything I’ve learned.



My WHO & My WHY & My HOW:



I encourage, empower and equip women to be the best versions of themselves. That’s what I do naturally. And it’s what I do professionally. Let’s get started together.

Contact me!