Fierce Faith Friday: Remember your stones

How often do you sit back and reflect on all the big moments in your life that you've overcome, that you've gotten through, that you've seen your own personal miracles? How often do you tell your friends (#testify) or kids about it all? Let's look in the Old Testament for some inspiration. After God has … Continue reading Fierce Faith Friday: Remember your stones

Sunday planning

Happy Sunday! I hope you're having a great day! On Sunday's, I like to do alllll the planning for the week while I'm calm, relaxed and happy. Before I sit down with my hubby for our marriage meeting, I get my own things in line. Want to take a peek at my plan? Maybe it … Continue reading Sunday planning

Fierce Faith Friday: Set that blessing free!

  A few Sundays ago I was so excited to win a Starbuck gift card for some work I did at church. I was so excited because that very week was going to be the first in a decade I could actually go to Starbucks and sit inside all on my own and enjoy a … Continue reading Fierce Faith Friday: Set that blessing free!

Fierce Faith Friday: Jacob’s journey is my journey

I've been reading through the Bible this year at my own pace, which is quite slow. There is quite a bit of head scratching in the Bible, and lots of it happening in Genesis. I've (mostly) made peace with the fact that I don't have to understand or rationalize it all, but that doesn't stop … Continue reading Fierce Faith Friday: Jacob’s journey is my journey

Fierce Faith Friday: My Bible

I've been asked a few times about the Bible I'm using, so at the risk of telling you something you already know, here goes! I got a new Bible right out of high school when I started going to church pretty heavily and felt my connection and understanding of God being to grow. I was … Continue reading Fierce Faith Friday: My Bible

Fierce Faith Friday: One simple prayer for the kiddos

That's it! My prayer time does take a few minutes, but a bit of that is me getting distracted and refocussing. These simple prayers have been a huge gamer changer! You can see why, right? Because they're focussed on what I can control: Asking God to intervene on their behalf and asking Him to help ME see and BE the mom they uniquely need. By focussing on what I can control and allowing God to lead the way, I have a recipe for success. Apparently. I'm still reeling from Zach doing the dishes without being told.

5 Elements of Harmony (for women married w/ kids)

Somewhere along the road, I apparently adopted the idea that being a married, adult woman with three kids meant I wasn't allowed to do things I like to do. I know that sounds crazy and younger me needed therapy. But I bent my will so hard for everyone else, I rarely did just what I wanted to do in my late 20s and earlier 30s.

How to get more good stuff in your brain

Several years ago I started listening to things other than music when I was working out. Weird, I know. That year was tough, so I needed all the help I could get. My dear friend sent over a podcast and implored me to listen. I'm going to link it here because it will definitely help … Continue reading How to get more good stuff in your brain