Stop feeling bad about feeling bad

We've been sold the lie that we can and should be happy all the time. So then, when we're NOT happy we think we've done something wrong or, worse, we are something wrong. As in, there's something wrong with us. There's not, you're human. Sometimes things don't feel happy and that's okay. Yet, because we believe we should be happy all the time we do things like eat and drink and Netflix to avoid those negative emotions. Then guess what happens? We feel bad that we felt bad and we feel bad that we did the avoidance behavior. So now, we're feeling bad about feeling bad about feeling bad. It's a vicious cycle.

Real Self Care

Self care is often proselytized about as bubble baths and manicures. Those definitions work to a certain extent. Really, though, self care is taking care of yourself. The deep work of self care is taking care of yourself by doing the things that you fight resistance about. Between you and any goal or ideal version … Continue reading Real Self Care

Outsmart your brain & Ask better questions

We're also going to practice the idea of curiosity over criticism. If you're constantly criticizing yourself and asking bad questions, you're keeping yourself in a negative loop that will not allow you to get the results you seek. You cannot get a positive result from a negative method. If your method is negative, you will continue to produce negative results in your life. If instead, you choose to be kind, curious and compassionate with yourself, you will give yourself the space you need to answer your questions and solve your problems. So, let's look at a few more examples of questions.