Fierce Faith Friday: No bad intentions

What if today you looked at those around you with compassion and decided they don't have bad intentions? What if you believed good about them? Let's play that out a bit. The idea is that no one wakes up in the morning thinking, "I'm going to cut someone off in traffic today." No one wakes up and says, "Today is a great day to argue with my spouse." No, most of us wake up with the hope to have a good day and be decent. If you believe this about yourself and about others, then you can see yourself and others through the lens of compassion. Imagine if the next time someone cut you off in traffic, you ran through possible good intention scenarios: maybe they had a meeting across town and they're desperate not to miss another school event. While it doesn't excuse the behavior, it does soften your heart and maybe even your blood pressure. Read more here.


This week in my planning mastermind group, we're talking about marriage meetings. Marriage meetings are something I started getting serious about this year in order to "communicate on purpose" with my spouse. It helps us talk over the good and the bad as well as get on the same page with goals, finances and schedules. … Continue reading Undercommunicating