Navarre, Fl
3 Day Event
April 2020


What is the Couple Goals Retreat?

This Couple Goals Retreat is a place for couples to disengage from the busy hustle and bustle that regular life, parenting and jobs create. At this retreat, couples can take a moment to pause and focus on their marriage. Covering areas from finances to leadership, this retreat will also serve as the best date night(s) ever.

Who is the retreat for?

This is not marriage counseling. This is marriage thriving! Yes, this retreat is for couples who are happy married and want to take their lives to the next level: together!

If you’re married and you want to take your marriage to the next level, this retreat is for you. If you want to be more intentional with your time and your energy and want to set aside some time to do just that, this retreat is for you.

What will you gain?

  • Written goals and an actionable plan to achieve them.
  • A renewed sense of partnership.
  • Simple & effective tools to use as a couple to communicate & connect better.
  • A financial snapshot & plan using your unique circumstances and dreams.
  • Fundamentals in finance like budgeting and setting your retirement goals.
  • A professional photo of you guys at the beach.
  • Swag bag including bedroom goodies, budget tools and travel discounts.
  • Sleep. Romance.

The best investment in your marriage you’ll ever make!


Get ready for the perfect date night! No dishes, no decisions. Just yummy food and a beautiful view.


We’ll get crystal clear about where you are financially as a couple. Then we will create your financial goals as a couple and create a plan to get there.

Goals Q & A

Next up, we’ll go through the most important areas of life and discuss your goals for them as a couple. At this point, we’re just getting the juices flowing so you’re just answering questions and chatting. No pressure!

Couple’s Workouts

Join us for a free workout Saturday morning designed just for couples led by a certified personal trainer.

Breakout 1:

Leading as a couple

Vanessa will take you through your leadership as a couple: at home, in your community and even in business.

Breakout 2:

Family Vision

Shana will lead you through exercises to create a family mission statement and to set goals as parent.

Women’s Breakout: Write Your Love Story

Shana & Vanessa will lead women through a writing exercise to create their own fairy tale.

Men’s Breakout: Leading Well At Home

Mr. Porten & Mr. Roberson will lead the discussion with men on how to transition from work to home and what works best when leading their families.

Vision Casting

We will move from theory to practical as we look at the answers from your Goal Q&A and create a vision for your future. From there, we’ll create a plan to achieve your goals. We won’t stop until we have the very next steps you’ll take as a couple for each goal you set.

Healthy & Delicious

You don’t have to worry about food, we’ve got you covered with delicious, healthy options all day.

All you have to do is make sure the kids are cared for & get here!



  • Date night
  • Complimentary dinner & wine
  • Relax in the pool


  • 8am
  • Free couple workout led by Certified Personal Trainer
  • 9am Networth & Money Talk
  • 1030 Goal Q&A
  • 12pm Lunch Break | Picnic on the beach
  • 1pm Breakout sessions
  • Breakout 1: Leading as a couple
  • Breakout 2: Family Vision
  • 3pm Men & Women Breakout sessions
  • Men: Leading well at home
  • Women: Write your own love story
  • 430pm Wrap up exercise


  • 9am
  • Goal Refinement & Visualization
  • 11am
  • Snacks & Presentation

Unplug: We’ll have a 24 hour Emergency Hotline for your family so you can unplug from your phone!

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