Day _ 4Es Course

33178199_10216281338364864_1969177848778326016_n.jpgToday I want you to think all about how your kids are more capable than you give them credit for.

So often we don’t challenge them to the level they can actually excel at simply because we hadn’t considered they were capable of more.

Here are three examples:

@ 2 Zach went to preschool when I went back to work. I can to pick him up and watched as he pushed his chair in, dumped his plate and went to wash his hands. On his own. I was like, “Whoa, I didn’t know he could do that!”

@ 5 Melanie Melanie had a pool party after just a week or two back in the water and little training. I hadn’t even thought of the swim test because she’d never swam across the pool before all at once on her own. But this was her party! So we let her try, cheered her on the entire way and she totally did it!

A month ago the kids wanted to put the tent up in the play room. We were out front and had no plans to go inside. I decided to let Zach have a go at it, assuming I’d have to go finish or fix it. That assumption was TOTALLY wrong. He had put it all together with his two assistants-to include the rain guard! Y’all, that tent gives ME trouble!

I know you’ve had these moments too. Let’s shift our perspective to calling them toward more. They really are smarter and more capable than we often give them credit or space to be.

1. Tell us a time your kid(dos) surprised you and exceeded your expectations.
2. Give your kid(dos) an opportunity today to exceed your expectations. Catch yourself when you want to jump in or just assume they can’t. Or think of something yourself and test your own expectations. Give them room to amaze you! Post about it below!