Health & Fitness online group

What if you could be in a health & fitness group that was led by someone who had actually lost weight?

And who had done so with a million responsibilities, just like you?


Who had done so without any knowledge on the how when she started?


Who started with a million excuses.


Who has whittled things down to what you need, how you need them and offers it all with a sense of humor, tough love and grace?


What if nutrition didn’t have to be that complicated? But also not boring?berry-blur-close-up-566888 (1)

What if working out was simple, fun and doable?



Build a body you’re proud of.

~Workout library with a variety of workouts.

~Live workout each week with a personal trainer.


bowl-cherries-chicken-936611 (1) 

Fuel the fortress.

~New meal plan each week with shopping list & recipes included.

~Healthy recipes & tutorial videos.

Mindset & Lifestyle Training. 


Get your mind right.

~It’s not just about working out and eating well. Many of us have mental barriers that hold us back. I provide specific training on how to overcome those barriers.

~Sometimes what holds us back has more to do with a general lack of knowledge. That can be about food, habits or our bodies. I provide you the training so you’re armed with knowledge that will help you reach your goals.

Personalized Coaching.


Even Olympians have coaches.

~I will help you, individually, as you commit and participate.

~I also go live each week to coach the entire group together.

Community & Accountability.


Strong women lift each other up!

~A paid members-only online group means you’re purposefully surrounding yourself with like-minded women who are motivated and investing in their own health & wellness each day.

~A community will push you to do better, to not give up. It will also help you build healthy, life-long relationships. Girls who sweat together grow together!



I coach because I’m called. I try really hard and so do my clients. I’ve learned along the way that neither of us are successful unless we’re both willing to invest. Me into you and you into yourself. Yes, good coaching costs a little money! You are worth the investment, I promise.


My preferred method of payment for coaching is you investing in your health through Shakeology. It’s simply the best product on the market and I fully support it. I drink it everyday. As a coach, I know you will be more successful, have more energy and better mental and physical health if you’re drinking it everyday. So, purchase Shakeology and you get in on my virtual gym for free. Click here to do that or to update your account.

I know there are some circumstances where that doesn’t work out. So, I have an alternate plan below.

What do you get when you sign up? Instant access:

  • Vision board template.
    • It includes a place for your photo, blocks to cross of YOUR progress &  affirmations that remind you you CAN do this.
  • Progress tracker.
    • Track your progress with this form by filling in your measurements, workouts and nutrition.
  • Weekly meal plans.
    • What to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner AND snacks. Healthy isn’t boring and it doesn’t have to be complicated.
    • You also get a shopping list and the accompanying recipes all in one spot to make this DO-ABLE.
  • Recipes.
    • Dozens of HEALTHY and SIMPLE recipes to help you achieve your goals.
  • Workouts.
    • Dozens of workouts that will melt fat, build muscle and make you feel strong and energetic!
  • Weekly workout plans.
    • Don’t waste your brainpower on figuring out what to do for your workout! I give you a plan each week so there’s no guessing!
  • Weekly LIVE workouts.
    • Let’s workout together! Yes, each week I host a live workout for our group! I’m a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor. Plus, I am super silly. You can get some community AND fitness all at once, without leaving your house!
  • Training videos.
    • I have a database of training videos that will help you get your mind right about this new healthy lifestyle. We’re not just aiming for a quick fix, we are aiming to learn and grow into the best version of ourselves.
    • Topics include everything from meal prep to grocery shopping to sleep to how to stop drinking alcohol every night. There’s a lot to cover, but I’ve got you covered.
  • Weekly coaching.
    • You’re a unique person and you have unique issue that come up when trying to adapt healthy habits. That’s why you need a coach. I have experience and perspective and I coach you with it weekly. It’s like a staff meeting, we’ll meet together and see where we stand and how we need to grow so we can keep making progress.
  • Daily accountability.
    • Every day we post and we participate. It helps you stay accountable, it helps me stay accountable.
    • When you post, I will comment or help as needed. When you don’t, I’ll call you out.
  • Support.
    • You’ll never find a more supportive community that will feel your pain, give you grace and call you to be better all at the same time!
    • Our members-only group is filled with women that are crushing it, or at least trying really hard. They’re in the arena with you and they will link arms with you as you march toward your goals.