Home Detox

What would it be like have a home that is full of space and things that bring you joy? That is functional? That is the peaceful centerpiece of you & your family’s lives? That’s always our vision, but it’s harder to DO because of the fiercely overactive clutter & stuff breeding that seems to happen in our homes! In this course we’re going to cover some of the basics to a home detox. It’s gonna be great!

In this course we include:

  • Vision casting for your home
  • Figuring out what’s not working
  • Training on the mind-clutter connection
  • How to decide what should stay, what should go
  • How to methodically go through items in order to do so
  • Why you can’t organize clutter
  • Tips on keeping the home detoxed
  • 12 training videos
  • A 20 page workbook with checklists & journal prompts
  • Class Curriculum

Home Detox Intro & Mindset (9:52)
Problem & Solution (22:28)
Process (17:30)
You Wardrobe (20:27)
Capsule wardrobe (3:40)
Mastering the Bedroom (19:45)
Crushing Kitchen Chaos (16:37)
Living Areas (19:00)
Everywhere else (21:45)
(BONUS) Kids Gone Wild (15:07)

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