Food should not be the best part of your day

What are you most looking forward to today? Unfortunately for many, it's their next snack or meal. Yes, whether it's unconscious or not, we are often so busy or so burdened that food is the most exciting part of our day. It may be the only time we find pleasure or comfort. Even if it's … Continue reading Food should not be the best part of your day

Your step-by-step path to financial freedom

As a Preferred Ramsey Coach, I happily coach my clients through the baby steps. Even after helping hundreds of folks, it never gets more complicated or less simple than these magical steps. If you think it is, that's when you need to reach out to me for 1-on-1 coaching and I'll help you. Step 1: … Continue reading Your step-by-step path to financial freedom

5 tips to stop feeling meh & finally get fit

You may have "accidentally" gained a few pounds or gotten out of shape. But it's not going to be an accident to lose them and get in shape. It's going to be according to a plan. You need a plan for your nutrition and you need a plan for your fitness. The good news is we can make this plan according to YOU. It doesn't have to be someone else's running / keto plan. Unless you like running and don't like carbs. No, we can come up with a REALISTIC plan that you'll actually stick to and enjoy.

5 tips to stop feeling broke & fighting about money

If you don't know how to use a budget, don't feel bad. Only about 32% of households use a budget according to a Gallup poll. Think about how much debt you have. Go ahead, I'll wait. Add up the car payments, student loan payments, furniture payments, credit card payments and whatever else is lurking behind that credit score. What could you do with that money every month? What if that money was paying for your future instead of your past?