A fun little goal exercise

Today let's do a fun little goal exercise. I'm not sure about you, but my art skills are about on par with my first grader, so don't judge me. This exercise will take you about five minutes. Grab a piece of paper and a pen. 1a. First, I want you to draw you on the … Continue reading A fun little goal exercise

Be smarter than the elephant

When circus folk are training a small baby elephant, they tie a strong rope around their feet and attach the rope to a secure pole. Of course the baby elephants try to walk away and to break free. They're small though. While they push and pull and try with all their might, they simply aren't … Continue reading Be smarter than the elephant

Fierce Faith Friday: No bad intentions

What if today you looked at those around you with compassion and decided they don't have bad intentions? What if you believed good about them? Let's play that out a bit. The idea is that no one wakes up in the morning thinking, "I'm going to cut someone off in traffic today." No one wakes up and says, "Today is a great day to argue with my spouse." No, most of us wake up with the hope to have a good day and be decent. If you believe this about yourself and about others, then you can see yourself and others through the lens of compassion. Imagine if the next time someone cut you off in traffic, you ran through possible good intention scenarios: maybe they had a meeting across town and they're desperate not to miss another school event. While it doesn't excuse the behavior, it does soften your heart and maybe even your blood pressure. Read more here.

Fix your brain

Your life is moving in the direction of your strongest thoughts. That's what Pastor Craig Groeschel says. Before I convince you of that, pause and take a moment to think about what you think about. What are your strongest thoughts in life right now? I'm too busy. I'm unhappy. My job sucks. My kids never … Continue reading Fix your brain

How to eat like a human

For some of us, learning to feed ourselves well is like learning a foreign language. First, you have to get rid of what you think you know. Then you have to completely relearn about food, nutrition and habits. Eat food God made. Don't eat food humans made. My philosophy on eating well comes from the … Continue reading How to eat like a human

Going solo

This weekend I checked myself into rehab. Not that kind of rehab. No, I checked myself into a hotel room where I'd spend the next 48 hours alone if I chose. I'd spend time quiet, contemplative. Mostly, I'd spend time doing what I want. I've got a line in my book that says: Moms fantasize about … Continue reading Going solo

Fierce Faith Friday: Set that blessing free!

  A few Sundays ago I was so excited to win a Starbuck gift card for some work I did at church. I was so excited because that very week was going to be the first in a decade I could actually go to Starbucks and sit inside all on my own and enjoy a … Continue reading Fierce Faith Friday: Set that blessing free!

Kiddo rituals

Routine acts like a safety net to a child where so much is constantly changing. It’s so hard being a kid. You know, having someone cook for you, change your diapers, carry you everywhere and provide for all your needs. No wait, that’s not the hard part. What’s hard is that their brains, their bodies, their grade level and their eating habits are constantly changing. It can be pretty tough for a little person. Having a routine means they have something constant, they have reassurance that some things are predictable.

Mental health checklist

One way to get back on track is to create a mental health checklist. Yes, if you want to feeling better, reference the last time you felt the way you wanted to feel. It will provide clues. We'll make a checklist of those things. Then, next time you find yourself feeling a certain kind of way, you will refer to your checklist.