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Don’t you want to love your life? Even more?

Imagine a car that needs a Jumpstart. It might run okay, make it through most days. Then, one day it just won’t run anymore. It might have fits and starts. It might sound like it’s going to start but then there’s just no progress.

Along comes another car, let’s call her Shana (shockedface), all revved up and raring to go. Shana car hooks up to first car which initially kind of sputters but then it comes to life. But the sputtering car needs to be kept running for a while before it can go off on its own. However, once it does go off on its own, it’s as strong as ever, raring to go with new life! And the best part is it had the power inside all along, it just needed a little Jumpstart.

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Yes, it’s corny. Welcome to life with Shana. Corny is part of my philosophy.

Helping women love their lives is what I do. I love to come alongside women long enough to give them a Jumpstart and get them believing in themselves again. I know you’re capable of being energetic, strong and overflowing with joy. And I want to help you get there.

All you need to do is click the button below, answer three questions and we will schedule a time to talk and decide if we would work well together.


Yes, you have the time.

Yes, you deserve it.

Yes, you should take some time to focus on yourself. It’ll help you and it’ll make you a better person to those around you.

We will talk about you, your life, get clarity about any obstacles you’re facing and come up with some specific actions to overcome them. I’m your professional cheerleader and your professional coach.



Click here to check out exactly what I do and what my rates are. =D