Less is More

I know you’ve seen Marie Kondo on Netflix! I bet you’ve even tidied up a bit! What would you think about joining me for three weeks in a training & accountability group to finish the job?

One of the most profound things I learned from her book in 2015 was the concept that we were never really taught how to “tidy.” You were taught how to read, write, ride a bike and maybe eventually how to cook a dish or two! But methods of organizing and keeping a home peaceful and functional? Nope.

Instead, most of us are living life less tidy than we’d like. Because of that, we’re living lives that are less awesome than we are capable of. If you get your home in order you can show up for yourself and your family as your best self.

May of us lack the key training, concepts, ideas and strategies for keeping our homes the way we’d like to. Once we take time to think about them and (key part here) apply them it opens up an entirely new world. It’s like life-changing epiphany after life-changing epiphany.

So, how about this? You take my three week challenge where we go over the strategies, we lean on each other for support (eye rolls + giggles) and we push through with urgency toward the destination: a home where you’re surrounded by space, joy, peace. A you who is less anxious, more patient and happier. A you who knows she only needs to spend five minutes here or there to keep things up instead of zero minutes because she knows it’s pointless to begin.

In our 3 weeks together you’ll:

  • Learn exactly what clutter is and how to get rid of it
  • Learn five mind-blowing (but simple) strategies to organize everything in your home (and keep it that way)
  • Learn my 7-step process for quickly & easily overhauling every room & category of items in your home in one fell swoop
  • Work through a 21-day action plan (you don’t have to decide where or how to start, we’ll do it together)

You get:

  • A workbook mailed to you that includes your calendar, plan & strategies.
  • 2 group coaching calls March 15 & 29.
  • Training videos to jumpstart each part of your workbook.

I get:

  • The satisfaction of helping women help themselves which creates a ripple effect on their family and in this world.
  • $25 paid here.
  • Your form (below) filled out.

There’s nothing like a deadline to get you motivated. You have to sign up by March 6 so you can get the workbooks in time. The 3 weeks will run March 11 through March 31.

If you’re over it, let’s do this together. Once and for all. I promise the peace and satisfaction you’ll have at the end of the month will be worth your effort in these 3 weeks. And you’ll be done if you commit. WHOA. Let’s do this.