Mom rehab

Years ago I had the thought, “We need a rehab for people to go to before they need rehab.” When I looked around, I noticed a truth:

Moms fantasize about being admitted to the hospital just for a break.

Yes, ladies, that’s what it has come to. There’s a pretty simple reason behind it: we don’t take time for self care. We’re never unplugged. We’re never unneeded. We lose the woman inside. We walk around overwhelmed by all that we have to do yet underwhelmed because the girl inside is too busy to come out and play. Boo.

I’d seen myself and others get really close to losing it. Spiraling around in overwhelm and general unhappiness. Sometimes it led to binge eating, sometimes that led to drug/alcohol abuse, sometimes it’s led to affairs.There are many ways a mom being at the end of her rope can manifest. Even if it doesn’t go drastic, it’s probably not going the way you had envisioned your life.

So what’s the solution? The solution is owning the idea that you need and deserve a break. It’s not selfish to take self-care time. It’s necessary. Actually, it’s your responsibility.

If you’re serving your family drained, empty, tired, anxious and stressed, you’re probably not serving them the way you want to. Sure, there’s a lot to do and a lot expected from us. That’s why we need self care! I know you want to do for others, I know that’s in your heart. But if you want to do it well and if you want to do it for a long time to come, you have to take time for self care. How else are you going to be the amazing mom and wife you need to be for the amazing people in your life? Personally, I found I stopped resenting things I used to resent when I took time for self care. I found I stopped nit picking, stopped needed so much affirmation, stopped being unable to relax when I began making self care a priority.


That’s what mom rehab is all about.

It’s like a personal development slumber party. Mom Rehab is a chance to take a breather. To get away, just for a few days. To rest. To remember what silence sounds like. To remember who you are. To be able to hear your own voice again. To invest in a little self-care. And then we will add in some fun, some community with like-minded moms. Moms who love their kiddos, but need a moment to themselves. We’ll read a book, talk through what we’re going through, how we’re feeling. We’ll relax. We’ll soak in the luxury of not having to do anything. We’ll remember what it’s like to decide what you want to do. There could also be some wine, some twister and some Cindy Lauper.


I bet that sounds nice. If you’re like I once was, it sounded impossible. I promise you it’s not. The people in your life love you. They will help you make this a reality if you but ask.


You might think you don’t have time for it. That’s precisely why you need to make time mama. I’m giving you 9 months to figure it out.

You might think it makes you a bad mom to need a break. Well, first: you’re wrong. Second, you’re really wrong. I promise you will return home more refreshed and ready to care for you family than you have in recent memory. I promise you that it’s okay to want a piece of your life that’s just your’s. Where you get to let your hair down and feel like a girl again, unburdened by the heaviness of adulthood. I want that for you.


You might think you can’t afford it. You can. We call it cash flow. That means you throw a smaller amount of money at the expense each month. And again, I’ve given you 9 months to make it happen.

So now that you’re convinced, let’s get into the details.

5. 3. 300.

Summer 2019 is my inaugural event. This has been on my heart for years. But I want to get it right.

So I’m starting with just five slots. Five women to join me.

Three days. I know that you should get away, but I know it’s hard. So, we’ll make it a long weekend. During the summer. That’s more doable.

Cost will be $300 per lady.

That will cover your housing, your goodie baskets (snacks, spa stuff, wine and more!) and your book & journal for the weekend. You’ll have an itinerary that I’ll lead you through (mandatory downtime included!). Our fridge will be stocked with healthy and delicious foods. It will incorporate fun, relaxing time, girl time, group discussion and even group exercise (gentle) that I’ll lead as well. We’re going to take the idea of a girl’s weekend and make it more than a booze-infested few days. It’s not a busy sightseeing tour. It’s not even a conference with back to back things to do and so much mental stimulation you can’t process it. We’re going to remember how to relax and enjoy ourselves and take a few moments for reflection and growth as well.

It’s called Mom Rehab. And you’re worth it. I’m so excited to have you come with me on this journey. Are you ready?

You’ve just got to get yourselves to Charlotte July 19 – 21 and ask for help with the kiddos for the weekend. I’ll take care of the rest. 😉