21DFX Deviled Eggs

If you've ever made deviled eggs for me, I love you! They have always been my favorite appetizer. I eat them still just a slightly healthier version. Eggs are like nature's vitamins, chock-full of healthy fat and protein and other minerals. That goes for BOTH parts, not just the whites. (Don't believe the egg white … Continue reading 21DFX Deviled Eggs

Shana’s 21 Day Fix Staples

Here are 21 of my most often used recipes! Breakfast Oatmeal berry muffins 💛➗💜 Eggs & veges ❤️💚 Breakfast sandwich❤️💛💚💙 Breakfast tacos ❤️💛💙 Egg muffins ❤️💚 French Toast ❤️💛 Waffles & fruit 💚💜 Unstuffed breakfast tacos 💛❤️💚💙 Peanut butter toast, banana, turkey bacon 💛💜❤️🍴 Cereal, yogurt and & fruit ❤️💛💜 Healthy banana pancakes  💜➗💛➗❤️ Lunch Chicken & sweet peppers ❤️💚 Southwest chicken salad ❤️💚💚🍊 … Continue reading Shana’s 21 Day Fix Staples